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Basswood Roughouts, Woodcarving Roughouts and Woodcarving Blanks
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Angel --- Hand & Cross --- Donkey --- Mobius Strip

Carving Cross --- Dove & Cross --- Kathy's Cross --- Praying Girl --- Buzzard

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Herby's Angel

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Cross With Dove

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Kathy's Cross

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Mobius Strip

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White River Crafts is owned by Paul and Betty McLeod. We offer high quality Christian roughouts, and other basswood roughouts, woodcarving roughouts, and wood carving blanks for wood carvers. Our roughouts are all made from premium quality northern basswood and butternut. We will soon have basswood and butternut cross cutouts ready for carving. We will have carving patterns for the crosses as well.

We sold out everything in 1998 and went on the road full time in our motor home. After traveling around for a while we ended up in South Texas for the winter. We stopped in a small town named Uvalde, about 90 miles west of San Antonio on highway 90.

I started carving while working around the Adult Activity Center in Uvalde, as a "Winter Texan". The man that started the Center, Herby Ham, convinced me to try woodcarving in 1999. I have been devoted to wood carving ever since. I started out carving from band sawn carving blanks of various animals. After a couple of trips to The Texas Woodcarving Guild's seminars at Fredericksburg,Texas, I began carving from roughouts of caricatures of cowboys and animals. Gerald Sears and Dallas Deege have had a tremendous influence on my carving technique and ability.

I have taught at various seminars and woodcarving clubs for several years. However, since moving back to Arkansas, most of my time has been devoted to wood working, carving and maintaining the website. I started the website in 2005 to sell woodcarving roughouts and woodcarving blanks. It has been an enjoyable pastime. I have added a few new roughouts and carving blanks to the site. I am trying to specialize in Christian roughouts and carving blanks. At this time I have Herby's Angel in the 5 1/2" and 9 1/4" versions, the Hand & Cross, the carving crosses, the Dove & Cross, Kathy's Cross and the Praying Girl. Herby's angel is very popular over the Christmas holidays, because of the article in Woodcarving Illustrated Holiday Issue 2006.

This caricature Buzzard is the latest addition to our roughouts. The finished carving is 7" tall and is available in basswood only.

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Praying Girl

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Hand & Cross

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Carving Cross with Dogwoods

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Flop Eared Donkey

Woodcarving Pictures --- I added this page initially to show some of the finished carvings from my customers. However, it is so interesting to see how others carve and finish, that I invite "anyone" that has a favorite carving to send me a picture - email or snail mail.



Angel --- Hand & Cross --- Donkey --- Mobius Strip

Carving Cross --- Dove & Cross --- Kathy's Cross --- Praying Girl

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