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This new carving cross is the latest carving blank from WWC. This woodcarving blank is cut out of Northern basswood. The size is 6" x 9" x 3/4" thick and is cut from a single piece of basswoodh. Each cross comes with the pattern shown. More patterns will developed later. The pattern can be traced on to the carving blank, or it can be glued on to the blank. If it is glued in place, you can cut around the pattern with your knife and then sand off the paper. I prefer the glued method. The cross pictured was finished with boiled linseed oil. It brings out the grain in the basswood.

Two piece crosses and multi-part cross carving blanks will be available later this year. Crosses in Oak, Walnut and other woods are also being considered.

Basswood Carving Cross
COST -- $7.25

"Shippng cost is for US only" Email us for International ordering information.

carving cross with dogwoods

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