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The Mobius strip is a curious object. It is carved from carving blanks made of northern basswood. The finished carving presents a continuous or never ending path on it's surface. The original Mobius Strip had only one twist and was easier to understand. The three cornered Mobius Strip is a little bit harder to understand. However, if you start at any point on the strip and follow the surface carefully, you will always end up where you started. If you go further and split the strip, like the ones shown below, it appears to be two pieces somehow hooked together. However, if you again start at any place on the three cornered split strip you will also return to your stating point. These Mobius strips make very nice conversation pieces when left on the coffee table. Also, they are easy to carve. The wood carving blanks are made from premium basswood.

Two sizes of carved three cornered Mobius strips.

The Mobius Strip need not be split, as it makes a nice carving without the split. The split makes it a bit harder to understand. A Mobius Strip that isn't split may be seen in the carving instruction sheets shown below.

band sawn blanks for carving three cornered mobius strips.

The larger carving blank produces a finished carving about 3 1/2 inches across and 1 1/4 inches thick. The smaller carving blank results in a mobius strip about 2 1/4 inches across and 3/4 inches thick when finished. I think the larger carving blanks are easier to carve. Note: The corner holes haven't been added to the smaller blank yet.

page one of "Carving Three Cornered Mobius Strips".      page two of "Carving Three Cornered Mobius Strips".

The instruction sheets above come with the carving blanks and apply to both sizes of Mobius strips. This a project that can be completed in one day easily. I personally like the larger strip because people can squeeze it and see the gap close up without fear of breaking it. Please note that the cost for the small Mobius strip is for two(2) carving blanks - leave the quantity 1 in your cart. Have fun.

Large Mobius Blank
COST -- $8.00

"Shippng cost is for US only" Email us for International ordering information.

2 Small Mobius Blanks
COST -- $8.00

These are some Mobius Strips carved by a club in Tennessee. They have some good ideas.


Angel --- Hand & Cross --- Donkey

Carving Cross --- Dove & Cross --- Kathy's Cross --- Praying Girl --- Buzzard

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